Armstrong's Single Tube Transmitters have become affectionately known as "Work Horses". The grounded grid, broadband PA design, offers several benefits not found in other transmitter designs.

NO Neutralization: A single tube in this configuration never oscillates and does not need to be neutralized. This design is also the most stable transmitter design available.

Exceptional Tube Life: Depending on the power level of your transmitter you may experience tube life up to 5 years or more.

Low AM Noise: The broadband design of the PA offers the lowest AM noise levels to be found in a tube transmitter.

Each of Armstrong's single tube transmitters offer our unique PA thermostatic protection. If there is an occurrence which causes the PA temperature to rise above the factory preset the Transmitter control circuitry will shut the transmitter down and alarm of the condition before damage can occur to the PA. VSWR protection and easy remote control hook up are all standard feature regardless of transmitter power level.
In power levels above 5KW we have enhanced out control system, control circuitry and our design. We have added Fiber Optic PA Arc Detection, temperature sensors in the power supply on key components and the option of our LCD controller is available from 5KW to 15KW. This feature is standard on High Power Transmitters from 20KW to 35KW.

In addition Armstrong has designed in several safety features that are, like the those mentioned above, unique to Armstrong Transmitter. One of the main safety features we've added is placing the power supply components on to a
dolly that rolls completely out from the transmitter cabinet. This allows the engineer to have complete access to all components without having to squeeze into the transmitter cabinet. This not only expedites trouble shooting of the power
supply components but it also helps prevent physical injury, such as back injury or worse, to the engineer, should replacement of heavy components become necessary. It becomes a simple matter of sliding heavier components
off the dolly and sliding replacement components back on VS. having to lift them out of the confined space of a transmitter cabinet and lifting them back in while kneeling in a contorted position.

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Single Tube Medium Power:
T2 Series Medium Power
PA Cavity 5KW thru 35 KW

Roll out power supply 5KW thru 35KW

Single Tube High Power:
T2 Series High Power
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